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CAODC applauds federal decision on offshore exploratory drilling projects

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The Federal Government has announced that offshore exploratory drilling in the "Canada-NL" area is excluded from a project-specific federal Impact Assessment due to the presence of existing work done during the previous Regional Assessment of Exploratory Drilling East of Newfoundland and Labrador.

As its news release states, "this regulation is informed by scientific data and analysis. It has also been informed by stakeholder insights obtained during extended public consultations on the Discussion Paper on the Ministerial regulatory proposal and during the Regional Assessment Committee's engagement program that involved 41 Indigenous groups and 58 stakeholder groups, as well as federal and provincial government representatives and members of the public."

The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors applauds the federal government's acknowledgement of the strong regulatory processes already in place. "Canada's environmental standards are second to none when it comes to producing oil and gas, either on or offshore," states CAODC President and CEO Mark A. Scholz. "It's encouraging to see the Federal Government recognizing the excellent work our regulatory bodies have done, and rewarding that good work with trust instead of additional layers of red tape."

Expediting offshore exploratory drilling permits means CAODC offshore members will be able to get to work sooner, providing much needed jobs for Canadians. "Our industry has a huge opportunity to help Canadians get back to work, and help our economy recover. Streamlining regulatory processes in this manner will go a long way to making that happen," says Scholz.

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