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Turbine fracturing pump from Jereh wraps up lengthy North America field test

Jereh Turbine fracturing pump

Jereh's turbine fracturing pump has recently finished a 1,000-hour field trial in one of the most challenging fracturing environments in North America. This rigorous trial validated the performance of all major components of the equipment. It met or exceeded all key performance measures to underscore Jereh's technology capabilities.

The turbine-powered fracturing pump provides a solution for challenging operating environments and the current low prices for oilfield services. Configured with a 5000 HHP pump, the Jereh unit reduces costs by lowering the operating footprint by 43% for a full fleet compared to conventional diesel fleets. 

The field trial also confirmed the success of Jereh's turbine fracturing pump in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating idling during non-operating periods and the efficiency of a turbine able to run on multiple fuel sources such as LNG, CNG and field gas. By using in-field wellhead gas, the overall fuel costs can be reduced by over 80%, compared to conventional diesel-fueled frac pumps. Another key feature of the turbine powered fracturing pump is its noise suppression capabilities, which are lower than 85dB. This meets stringent noise reduction regulations across North America. 

"It was an exciting experience to work together with BJ Services for the successful 1,000-hour field trial of Jereh's third generation turbine fracturing pump," said Louis Li, CEO of Jereh Group. "Since 2013, Jereh has started the research and development of turbine fracturing pump independently and with over seven years of effort, countless yard tests, and field trials in China shale gas fracturing operation, our engineering team never stops their paces of innovation. We are confident in being able to deliver these innovative, efficient and cost saving technology to the North American Oil & Gas operators.

In early July, Jereh and BJ Services initiated full scale field demonstrations of the turbine fracturing pump in the Permian Basin. 

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