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Portable X-ray detectors aid in non-destructive testing and industrial inspection

portable DXR140P-HC X-ray detector from Waygate Technologies
The new portable DXR140P-HC X-ray detector comes with a large 14’’ x 17’’ high contrast imager with 140-micron pixel resolution.

Waygate Technologies (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), a division of Baker Hughes, has launched two new portable X-ray detectors from their digital X-ray family DXR to ensure the safety, quality and productivity of their customers' complex products and processes.

The direct radiography detectors DXR140P-HC and DXR75P-HR combine the latest technological advances with extensive customer feedback and guarantee high-quality, efficient imaging as well as thorough protection for use in harsh environments. Both devices can now be ordered for product demonstrations.

The DXR140P-HC detector comes with a large 14'' x 17'' high contrast imager with 140-micron pixel resolution and can be deployed for corrosion monitoring in the energy, infrastructure, and oil & gas industries. It can be used with X-ray as well as isotopes, while its increased dose sensitivity allows shorter exposure times and faster throughput. The smaller DXR75P-HR boasts a 75-micron pixel resolution required to distinguish fine details for critical applications. It supports ISO 17636-2 class B for weld inspection, offering precision imaging that meets the most stringent standards. With a 7'' x 9'' detector, it is ideal for settings with limited detector positioning freedom such as boiler, pressure tubes, vessels and storage tank environments. Both detectors can be operated either wired or wireless with a range of up to 100 meters, depending on the situational requirements.

The smaller sister model DXR75P-HR boasts a 75-micron pixel resolution required to distinguish fine details for critical applications and has a 7'' x 9'' detector.

Well-protected, high-quality imaging

The new DXR detectors reflect a customer-driven design that perfectly addresses the reality of mobile inspections of installations in harsh environments. Each detector comes in a rugged casing with shielding layers that protect against drops and knocks. For an even longer lifetime and consistent performance, further shielding layers on the detectors themselves also improve protection against the harmful effects of radiation. Both detectors are water and dust proof with IP65 and IP76 protection ratings. Their tailored flight case provides for safe and easy transportation.

State-of-the-art software delivers insights to enhance productivity and competitiveness

Both DXR devices can be combined with the globally renowned digital tools of Waygate Technologies. The operator-independent NDT acquisition and analysis platform Rhythm Insight RT is a powerful and easy-to-use software based on more than 15 years of experience. It offers an intuitive touch user interface for out-of-the-box scanning and image processing. The integrated intelligent processing technology Flash! automatically and consistently optimizes digital radiography and ensures excellent image quality and comfortable reading. Its faster and smoother workflow enhances productivity and maximizes resources.

The new DXR detectors are among the first products that the industrial inspection solutions company is launching under its new brand Waygate Technologies. The world leader in NDT changed its name in February 2020 after former parent company GE reduced its majority share in Baker Hughes in 2019. Today, Waygate Technologies is part of Baker Hughes' Digital Solutions segment and is fully focused on providing the best industrial detection performance and driving innovations and digital transformation for its customers.

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