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Advanced analysis from Cuttings Alliance helps improve reservoir characterization

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Stratagraph, a pioneer in providing mud logging and pressure detection services to the global oil and gas industry, has launched new RockProp advanced reservoir analysis software in partnership with its Cuttings Alliance consortium.  

RockProp is a new and innovative software product that delivers cutting-edge analysis for cuttings, logs and drilling data, developed by the Cuttings Alliance - a consortium of Stratagraph, CoreSpec Alliance and PetroScale Reservoir Solutions. The aim of these oil and gas service companies was to bring mud logging, cuttings analysis and sophisticated well interpretation under one roof to reduce costs and improve well productivity. 

RockProp combines log and drilling data with physical properties measured from cuttings to output reservoir parameters. Mineral models, total porosity, effective porosity and bound versus mobile fluid estimates are obtained. This provides an assessment along vertical or horizontal wellbores that is independent of log models, which can be used to refine 2D and 3D reservoir models, improve geosteering, optimize completion designs and better characterize well potential. 

William Hagan, Stratagraph's chief executive officer, said, "Many operators have separate programs and budgets for mud logging, cuttings analysis and interpretation. RockProp brings these services together into a single product to save time and money while providing a sophisticated interpretation to improve reservoir characterization. Better understanding of the reservoir equates to better fluid and proppant programs, more efficient fracs, and higher well productivity for our clients." 

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