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Field-proven electro-hydraulic setting tool from Probe serves well intervention & abandonment operations

Probe iSet™ Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool

The iSet Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool uses touchscreen technology to provide a safe, reliable way to set bridge plugs, packers, gauge hangers and straddles downhole.

When managing well intervention and abandonment operations, safety and reliability are top priorities, particularly when setting devices downhole.  Traditionally, this involves using explosive setting charges or hydrostatic pressure-activated devices. To perform in shallower wells hydrostatic assisted devices frequently require pressurized nitrogen modules to reach the requisite setting forces. Re-setting the tool between runs poses serious safety issues, as well as being time-consuming and costly.

Probe has developed setting tool technology that resolves these issues, dramatically minimizing risks and costs, and improving efficiency. 

When Probe introduced the iSet electro-hydraulic setting tool in 2015, it rapidly became the industry's favored non-explosive setting tool. By removing the need to use explosives, it is not only much safer and less complicated, users do not have to obtain special use or transport permits, saving time and money.

Global market responds

Since entering the market five years ago, the iSet continues to perform reliably, whether being used to set bridge plugs, gauge hangers, and other downhole devices.

"We've deployed nearly 90 iSet tools for use in well intervention and abandonment operations around the world, with many customers using the tool repeatedly. The highest concentration is in the Middle East and Asia, followed by Europe, Latin America, Africa and China," said Mike Rennie, Region Sales Manager - ESSA for Probe.  "Given concerns for safety in a hazardous area, we're witnessing a trend among users to run jobs offline from a rig in Memory mode on slickline."

The iSet is not only safer, it can be run up to 50 times without redressing between runs. Coupled with the fact that after the tool reaches the surface, it can be re-set very quickly and re-run in a matter of minutes, it is cost effective and efficient.

The iSet offers an alternative to explosive and hydrostatic pressure setting tools with benefits unique to its electro-mechanical design:

  • Runs on e-line or slickline and performs in pressures as high as 15,000 psi and temperatures to 150oC. Ÿ
  • The combination of Cyclops Touch touchscreen technology with alkaline battery power in memory mode and the tool's rapid reset feature means that technicians can learn to run it in just half an hour.
  • Diagnostic parameters are recorded, including setting force, 3-axis acceleration, pressure, temperature, displacement, battery voltage, and motor current.  Armed with this data, the operator has a complete picture of the setting cycle, which confirms whether the downhole device is properly set.                              

Memory and Surface Read-out Modes Offer Flexibility, Safety

When operating the iSet Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool, there are two options: Memory or Surface Read-out Mode. When in Memory mode, the system relies upon the Cyclops Touch, a touchscreen interface that provides two-way communication, making it possible to easily program and confirm the iSet's setting in the well without disassembling it or a computer. This is a distinct advantage, especially when operating in potentially dangerous conditions.

Two sizes equally popular

Each of the two sizes - 3.6 inch and 2.165 inch O.D. - have proven to be equally popular, with operators using them in both well intervention and abandonment operations. The larger size provides a setting force capability of 60,000 lbs, while the smaller tool achieves 30,000 lbs, each over a 10-in. stroke.  To provide flexibility, it can operate on two different power sources.  When slickline-deployed in Memory mode, AA alkaline batteries drive the tool, while a panel at surface powers the iSet when used on e-line in surface readout mode.

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