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Online resource centre helps oil and gas companies recover after COVID-19

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Axora, a global innovation platform and marketplace for leading digital solutions for industrial companies, has launched an online Oil and Gas Resource Centre to help companies in the industry rebound from and thrive in the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The centre provides the latest industry insights and access to digital solutions and technologies which oil and gas companies can adopt to accelerate their business growth, reduce wasted investment, and avoid duplication. 

"Fifteen percent of global energy greenhouse gas emissions come from the process of getting oil and gas out of the ground," said Stuart Gregg, Industry innovation Director for Oil and Gas, Axora. "This and other urgent challenges such as price volatility amid the Covid-19 pandemic are encouraging leading industrials to look to technology to change the way oil and gas is discovered, drilled and produced." 

Axora's Oil and Gas Resource Centre offers smart technologies that fast-track safer, more efficient, and more sustainable production. These include IoT, smart devices and smart connected devices. The creation of Axora's Oil and Gas Resource Centre follows the successful launch of its Smart Mining Resource Centre in May this year. 

"From robotic drills to renewable energy grids, drone exploration to data collection and analytics, today's flourishing tech ecosystem is driving a cleaner, safer and more sustainable operating model for upstream energy," added Dr. Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer, Axora. "Companies which act now to improve their technology solutions and accelerate their digital transformation roadmaps are the ones which will recover quickest from Covid-19 and thrive in the future."

Together with its expert industry insights, Axora hosts more than 100 innovative solutions from sector leaders to start-ups, universities, and consultancies. The company was developed by a team of industry experts, engineers and entrepreneurs including the Boston Consulting Group. Axora is currently focusing on the Oil and Gas and Mining and Metals sectors and will expand into other sectors as the business grows. 

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