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Energy regulator looking into crude release on Express pipeline

Enbridge express pipeline map

The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) has been notified of an above ground crude oil release that occurred on October 2, 2020, at a pump station near Youngstown, Alberta. The release occurred on the Enbridge Express Pipeline.

The line was shut down. Enbridge reported that the spill is largely contained to company property and that there is no risk to human safety. Clean-up is underway and was expected to continue over the weekend. No water bodies or wildlife are reported to have been impacted by the release. The company is reporting no fires and no injuries associated with the release.

Initial reports indicate that about 20 cubic metres of oil was released and contained on company property. It is estimated that about 75 litres of oil was released offsite onto a pasture, where no livestock were present. 

A CER inspection officer is being deployed to oversee the company's response and monitor compliance. 

The CER's top priority is protecting people and the environment. Enbridge will be held accountable to ensure the site is cleaned up and that their response meets with the CER's strict safety and environmental standards.

Further updates will be provided as available.

The Express Pipeline, which began operating in 1997, ships up to 280,000 barrels/day of crude oil from Hardisty, AB to an interconnection point at Casper, Wyoming.

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