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Nitrogen rejection unit will help expand production from world's largest high BTU landfill gas to energy plant

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BCCK Holding Company (BCCK), a leader in engineering, procurement, fabrication and field construction services, has signed an agreement with Archaea Energy to provide a 13,700 SCFM Style IV NiTech Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) to the world's largest high BTU landfill gas to energy plant in Pennsylvania, U.S. 

BCCK's patented NiTech technology performs a key role in transforming landfill gas into nearly 100% pure renewable natural gas. BCCK's NRUs, which are engineered in-house and fabricated at BCCK's fabrication facility, deliver less footprint, less compression requirements in terms of horsepower, at reduced CAPEX to alternative solutions on the market.

There have been four major revisions to the NiTech process design over the past three decades. Style IV features a new, modular skidded design that allows greater flexibility with respect to compositional changes or flow capacity changes than ever before. With lower required horsepower compression and higher recovery, NiTech is a simple, flexible and efficient NRU. 

John Peterson, senior vice president of business development, BCCK, said, "BCCK is continuing to further expand our presence in the renewable gas industry and our patented technology is contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We are very excited to be working with Archaea Energy at the largest high BTU landfill gas plant in the world, while providing the renewable gas market with another landfill gas NRU. To date, we have successfully completed 30 NRUs in our 40-year history and we are proud to play a role in a renewable industry that helps in the reduction of greenhouse gases."

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