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Crux OCM selected by Phillips 66 for pipeline control center operations pilot

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Crux OCM, a supplier of robotic industrial process automation (RIPA) for oil and gas operations, has been selected by Phillips 66 for a pipeline control center operations pilot. Using RIPA, Crux OCM helps energy companies create a safer operation that maximizes utilization and efficiency. 

Phillips 66, a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company, has chosen Crux OCM's marquee product, pipeBOT, for the pilot. 

The number of manual commands it takes for control room operators to manage pipeline functionality is staggering. PipeBOT offers autonomous startup and shutdown controls to assist in pipeline control center operations. It increases throughput by achieving target flowrates faster while enabling control rooms to operate at maximum safety, utilization and efficiency. 

Crux OCM pipeBOT is designed to reduce manual commands through intelligent automation, which curbs control room operator fatigue and enables control room operators to perform more essential higher-level functions, while ensuring safety and performance. Also, these improvements may reach target flow rates up to 40% faster, improve equipment reliability and reduce pressure cycle fatigue. 

Vicki Knott, CEO of Crux OCM explains, "Pipeline operations have long relied on PLCs and SCADA for operations. At Crux OCM, we've reimagined what PLCs and SCADA are capable of, bundling functionalities of multiple controllers and ML to create fully automated procedures, checklists and rules of thumb for control room operators to leverage within our RIPA platform. You may think you've reached the peak of what automation can do for your operations, but the reality is most industries are still just scratching the surface. Crux OCM is the engine that will drive the control rooms of the future."

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