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geoLOGIC and JWN merge to create powerful energy intelligence combination

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Canada's two leading energy information companies are joining forces.

geoLOGIC systems ltd. (geoLOGIC) announced the acquisition of JWN Energy (JWN), an energy insights and intelligence provider best known for leading industry brands such as the Daily Oil Bulletin, Evaluate Energy and CanOils. Headquartered in Calgary, JWN delivers valuable and timely data and intelligence to a broad spectrum of operators, analysts, service providers, governments and regulators in the oil & gas and broader energy sectors.

"Bringing our companies together is transformational. This merger creates a critical source of curated, trusted data, information and insights that spans the technical and financial needs of our clients," noted geoLOGIC CEO David Hood. "In addition to the complementary offerings the combination of the two businesses and product lines immediately brings to our clients, JWN's expertise and thought leadership in specific areas such as ESG and energy transition will fuel our expansion into sectors that are at the forefront of our clients' future needs."

The merger gives the combined company a commanding presence in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. which, together with satellite operational offices located in other regions, assures currency and relevance of the information and intelligence delivered, and maintains closeness to our clients and the basins and plays in which they operate.

"We're very proud of our Canadian roots, but recognize that the industry is increasingly global," added Hood. "The two companies together will continue to focus on driving success within the Canadian market, and we will also leverage our combined research, marketing and advisory services to the benefit of our clients in other geographies."

The acquisition brings together exceptional analytical and technical competencies to support the energy industry.  Enabled by geoLOGIC's advanced platforms, the combined group will deliver enhanced scalability in data management and analysis and integrated products to better inform operating and investment decisions.

"JWN and geoLOGIC are without doubt well-established and recognized sector leaders. We both have solid track records of supporting our industry and community on critical issues. We know that the ongoing support of both groups combined will provide the sector with even more value as it continues to evolve," said JWN Energy CEO Bill Whitelaw. "The combined company also offers a deeply experienced subject matter bench across engineering, geosciences, financial and analytical disciplines - which collectively speak to how customer solutions can be offered through innovative applications of software and data."

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