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Chevron and Honeywell introduce technology to increase octane in motor fuels

Chevron’s refinery in Salt Lake City
Chevron’s Salt Lake City refinery is world’s first commercial-scale process unit using ISOALKY™ technology to produce ionic liquid-based alkylate for higher octane motor fuels.

Chevron has announced the commissioning and start-up of the world's first commercial-scale ISOALKY process unit that utilizes ionic liquids to produce alkylate. The ISOALKY technology represents a major innovation in alkylation technology. 

First used in Chevron's Salt Lake City refinery, the ISOALKY technology is designed to meet the refining industry's needs for a cost-effective alternative to conventional liquid acid systems that offers process safety advantages. 

Using a non-aqueous liquid salt, or ionic liquid, the new catalytic process is handled with standard personal protective equipment and produces a valuable high-octane blending component that helps lower the environmental impact of gasoline.

"The ISOALKY plant is an exciting achievement for Chevron and the Salt Lake Refinery, and it's poised to be a game changer for the refining industry," said Mike Coyle, president of Chevron Manufacturing. "We are proud of the talent and teamwork demonstrated by our people and Honeywell UOP to bring this project to fruition."

Through a partnership with Honeywell UOP, the ISOALKY™ process unit at Chevron’s refinery in Salt Lake City will be able to meet the growing demand for higher-octane blending components that lower the environmental impact of gasoline.

ISOALKY technology can be used in new refineries as well as in existing facilities undergoing capital expansion or retrofit applications. Ionic liquids are regenerated on-site, eliminating the need for road or marine transportation for offsite regeneration and polymer byproduct handling. 

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