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Award winning fasteners handle repetitive force and stay tight

multi piece fastener foreverlok prototype
To prevent fastener self-loosening from tremendous repetitive forces, the ForeverLok™ system holds the nut in place without using pins or bolts.

Multi Piece Fastener has won a 2021 Fastener Innovation Award for its ForeverLok fastener design from Worldwide Fastener Sources.com, a comprehensive source for fasteners globally.  

The award, which is in its third year, recognizes groundbreaking design innovation in engineered fasteners today that will become a standard in future years.  The Fastener Innovation Award is one of three prestigious awards in the fastener industry, along with the Soaring Eagle Awards from the Industrial Fastener Institute (IFI), and the Fastener Hall of Fame awards from the International Fastener Expo (IFE).

"It is an honor to be named a winner of the Fastener Innovation Award," said Earl Size, Founder of Multi Piece Fastener.  "As engineers incorporate innovative fasteners as part of the design process to solve challenging issues of vibration, we are proud to be part of the solution."

In industries such as oil and gas production, heavy equipment and others, tremendous repetitive forces contribute to fastener self-loosening. To prevent such self-loosening, the ForeverLok design involves three items: a central threaded fastener, a threaded intermediate fastener, and a retaining fastener.  Essentially, the fastener system holds the nut in place to physically prevent it from loosening. The locking design does not use special pins, bolts, or tools to install or remove the nut. Only common tools are needed to fasten/unfasten.  

The ForeverLok™ design exceeded requirements when subjected to industry’s three most rigorous anti-vibration tests.

International Testing Standards Highlights:

  • The ForeverLok design results on the military vibrational test (NASM 1312-7) exceeded requirements by over 14 times and retained an unprecedented 93.5% of its original torque.
  • The ForeverLok design prototype fastener retained 89% of torque surpassing the retention pass specification of the DIN 25201-4 test.
  • After concluding the break torque test, the ForeverLok design is estimated to have a 50% higher torque rating than the recommended torque rating for the 1/2" grade 8 bolt used in the testing. Thus, the fastener potentially could be configured as a smaller, lighter, and more compact fastener while providing a comparable torque value

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