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Oilfield drilling association shifts mandate to include broader range of energy services

caoDC announces historic name change to Caoec

After 72 years as the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC), and after extensive member and industry consultation, the Association will become the Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC) to reflect its expanded mandate and leading role in the oil and gas, hydrogen, helium, geothermal, and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) sectors. 

"Today, governments and industry leaders from across the country, and around the world, have issued a challenge: to make energy development cleaner and even more sustainable to meet ambitious climate targets," states CAOEC CEO Mark A. Scholz. "This goal is well within our grasp. For over 70 years, CAOEC members have proven to be capable of great things; it is what we do, it is who we are, and there is no challenge too large for our people to solve."

"Our industry is comprised of leaders who have safely developed Canada's natural resources to the benefit of each and every Canadian, building the industry into the world-class business we are known for today," says Scholz. "Our new name represents a bright future for Canada's energy services industry as we innovate to help lead one of the greatest energy transformations in over 150 years." 

The new CAOEC logo, with its bold colours and redesigned shield, symbolizes the history of an organization first formed in 1949 by ten drilling contractors, as well as the opportunity that exists in new markets for Canada's best-in-class energy services sector. The CAOEC embraces its role in an evolving energy landscape, while recognizing all of the important work done on behalf of the Canadian drilling and service rig sector over many decades.

Moving forward, CAOEC represents Canadian energy service companies operating close to the wellhead, employing tens of thousands of energy workers. As hydrogen, helium, geothermal, and CCUS industries emerge, the CAOEC will continue expanding its membership base to include additional energy companies, ensuring a strong, resilient, respected, and influential energy services sector in Canada. "We will lead Canada's energy industry, become a beacon of hope and direction, and build upon our legacy as we embark on a new and exciting journey together."

Initial reaction to CAOEC's name change and rebrand has been well received throughout the industry and government:

"Name changes seem small, but in this case it's fundamental. The workers in this association helped build this country, and now you're building our low-emissions energy future. You are leading the charge, using your skills and technical know-how in hydrogen, geothermal, and CCUS for a more prosperous future that leaves no one behind," said Seamus O'Regan, Federal Minister of Natural Resources.

"Congratulations, Canadian Association of Energy Contractors, on your new name and logo. With more than 20 of your member companies based in Saskatchewan, we recognize the significant contribution that CAOEC makes to our vital energy sector, which now includes emerging resources such as geothermal, helium, hydrogen and lithium. Saskatchewan will continue to support an active drilling sector and wishes CAOEC members every success going forward," stated Bronwyn Eyre, Saskatchewan Minister of Energy and Resources.

"Becoming the Canadian Association of Energy Contractors is a reflection of the positive shift occurring in the energy sector, and the many new and exciting opportunities that come with it. Alberta looks forward to continuing to work with all of its industry partners - including the CAOEC - as it maintains its commitment to advocate for the energy industry and the hardworking people it employs," commented Sonya Savage, Alberta Minister of Energy.

"Energy service companies remain an important part of British Columbia's economy, creating good-paying jobs for British Columbians. Harnessing the power of innovative solutions like hydrogen, geothermal, and carbon capture will allow us to realize a low-carbon future," said Bruce Ralston, B.C. Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

The CAOEC's vision for the Canadian energy services sector is outlined in a newly released position paper - Canada's Energy Services: Leading the Energy Evolution. 

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