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Custom-built "skinny" coiled tubing lift frame delivered by Logan Industries

Logan industries skinny ctlf deploys for service in trinidad

Logan Industries, a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company, has successfully delivered a custom-built ‘skinny' coiled tubing lift frame (CTLF) for a customer in Trinidad.

The job scope involved providing a safe and consistent platform to stack up/rig up wellbore pressure control equipment above the drill floor of an offshore drilling vessel to allow the service provider to place an injector unit on the platform (lift frame IH table). The CTLF needed to accommodate several overhead lifting hoists and a davit crane with the on-site flexibility in movement of the table and crane with a wireless remote control. 

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan, said, "Logan had built several of these frames, which are both compensated and non-compensated. What made this one unique is that we did not know the true vessel constraints until late in the project, when we discovered our standard CLTF was too wide to fit into the derrick during rig-up. By working around the clock, we built a new ‘skinny' CTLF that would fit into the smaller space, in only nine weeks. We kept the same ratings (500 MT lift per API 8C), but designed and built it a few inches thinner. This unit is still on hire on the vessel it was built for and is a testament to our ability to step up and deliver customized solutions for customers in great need of help."