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Fort Nelson LNG production facility now operating: Cryopeak LNG

cryopeak lng solutions corporation fort nelson facility
Fort Nelson LNG production facility.

Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation, a Richmond, BC based company, has announced the commencement of operations at its new liquefied natural gas production Facility in Fort Nelson, BC. Phase 1 production capacity is 27,000 LNG gallons per day and the plant is scalable to approximately 100,000 gallons per day under its current permit.

Cryopeak's new facility is the most Northern LNG production plant in Canada. The plant will supply LNG to Northern Canadian communities as well as remote mines and other industrial applications for heat and power generation. The strategic location in Fort Nelson places the facility as close as possible to end use consumers.

The location and efficiency of new facility when paired with Cryopeak's pioneering B-train transport trailers, capable of hauling 20,000 gallons of LNG, results in a lowest available cost of supply for off grid communities and industrial customers. Combining these two optimized platforms also minimizes Cryopeak's environmental footprint.

"We are thrilled to now have an LNG production facility available to us in the far north of the Province," says Rick Loughery, Purchasing Logistics Manager for Coeur Silvertip Holdings Ltd., the owner of the Silvertip Mine. "Cryopeak has been a reliable supplier of LNG to the Silvertip Mine for several years now, and this new facility will allow it to deliver LNG from a location that is much closer to our site, which will result in considerable savings in transportation costs, even greater certainty of supply and reduced GHG emissions from trucking."

Cryopeak Lng Solutions B-Transport.

"We are excited to open this new production facility in Fort Nelson. We appreciate the support in realizing this project from the Fort Nelson First Nations and the community of Fort Nelson. We look forward to delivering natural gas to our remote customers, lowering energy costs and reducing carbon emissions," states Calum McClure, CEO of Cryopeak.

Cryopeak has been welcomed by the community of Fort Nelson. The relationship with the community is multifold including an arrangement with the Fort Nelson First Nations organization. This includes a strong relationship with the Mayor and local government officials, as well as engagement with the many local businesses and qualified contractors. The Fort Nelson community has supported Cryopeak throughout the construction of the LNG facility as well as our nearby new transportation and logistics terminal in Fort Nelson. 

"The Northern Rockies is pleased to welcome K2LNG as they open their brand new Tamaska LNG plant near Fort Nelson. Tamaska is a perfect fit for the north, establishing Fort Nelson as a transportation hub and reducing the carbon footprint of remote communities," said Mayor Foster of Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. 

This project solidifies Cryopeak's strategy of being a vertically integrated and full-service provider of LNG to Northern Canada and Alaska and providing customers a lower cost, more environmentally sustainable fuel source.

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