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Canadian Propane Association marks ten years with brand update

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The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a new brand identity that conveys propane as an essential part of Canada's low carbon economic future. While this is a significant transformation, the industry's core values haven't changed.

Though Canada's propane industry has been represented for over 50 years, the industry took an important step in 2011 by uniting over 400 businesses from coast to coast as one national voice under the Canadian Propane Association. The CPA continues to be a respected voice, committed to advancing the industry on multiple fronts and to promoting a culture of safety in areas related to the transportation, storage and use of propane.

The decision to update the brand was born out of the need for visual expression to convey today's industry — modern, versatile, and reliable. The visual brand also needed to convey two undeniable facts: Canadian propane is distributed by a vast network of businesses engaged in face-to-face relationships with their communities, and propane is a critical part of a low carbon economic future.

The new logo aptly demonstrates the propane industry as cooperative in supporting Canadians to make greener, affordable choices for their homes and businesses.

The blue represents the economic prosperity while the prominent green, the need to safeguard the environment. These fundamental pillars merge to form a bond shaped like a leaf and a flame. This balance is very important in the organization's history. "We must be authentic to who we are. We are not pretending propane is the only solution, but rather insisting that it's part of an array of sensible solutions for communities and businesses," the CPA said in a statement.

The CPA will be incorporating the new identity into all communications through a phased approach. Keep an eye out for the new branding that helps to tell the propane industry's story: Propane - a modern and sustainable energy solution.

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