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Alberta Innovates providing funding for digital technology development

Alberta Innovates providing funding for digital technology development

Alberta Innovates is announcing a new round of funding under its Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) program. $2.5 million in funding from Alberta Innovates is available, with up to $350,000 available per project.

DICE funds the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, industrial internet of things, augmented reality, and unmanned aerial vehicle technologies for use in Canada's energy industry.

"We are focused on Alberta's economic recovery and supporting businesses that create jobs for Albertans. The DICE program is a proven success creating high tech jobs and project value. Albertans are entrepreneurs so innovation - particularly in the clean energy sector - comes to life here," said Doug Schweitzer, Alberta Minister of Jobs, the Economy, and Innovation.

DICE projects will develop technologies and accelerate them into market, improving the efficiency of energy production, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, creating jobs in the digital economy, and contributing to environmental innovations in water and land management. The DICE program reduces the risk involved in developing technologies while developing additional skills and knowledge in the digital innovation ecosystem for highly qualified personnel. This new funding complements the investment provided to the first DICE projects in 2020, where 17 projects supported by $3 million in DICE funding created $16 million in project value.

For example, during the first round of funding, Edmonton-based NTWIST applied artificial intelligence to help industrial companies reduce costs and environmental impact and maximize profit. Galatea Technologies is creating a "Waste Coordinator" platform to increase workflow transparency, cost accuracy and provide insights into the $4 billion Canadian waste disposal market. Buyers, sellers, and transporters of petroleum products will be able to find each other more easily and efficiently thanks to an innovative digital platform developed by a tech startup called Validere. These companies are driving cutting-edge technology jobs thanks in part to DICE funding.

"The DICE competition brings together energy and digital technology innovators. Response to our first funding call was impressive and shows how extensive the expertise is and how fast Albertans can bring globally relevant ideas and solutions to market," said Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates.

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