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Belzona highlighted their wet flue gas desulphurization unit application at last year’s Power Gen in a way never previously demonstrated. The application of epoxy novolacs to the spray headers of damaged scrubbers was demonstrated to illustrate the importance of applying Belzona products to scrubbers during their construction.

While the need for effi cient and effective scrubbers grows over time, the use of Belzona applications to wet fl ue gas desulphurization units will grow in importance as it will save businesses in the power industry time, money and increase the overall environmental performance of the plant. Scrubbers that break down from erosion and/or corrosion caused over time by factors such as lime slurry have proven to be very expensive to repair or replace. In addition, as erosion and corrosion take hold, scrubbers decrease in their effi ciency, removing less of the harmful pollutants, such as greenhouse gas, they are designed to remove.

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