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eField exploration completes airborne EMT oil and gas survey

eField exploration completes airborne EMT oil and gas survey
eField Exploration has completed the data acquisition phase of a High Resolution Electromagnetic Airborne Survey over the Texas Palo Duro Basin, in Motley County for Columbus Resources, LP. eField’s EMT System is a new generation of “Electro-Magnetotel-luric” technology which is mounted on an airborne platform and makes use of advances in computer analysis and systems. The maps and colourful GIS graphics that result provide pictures of geophysical structures deeper than commonly used technologies at a much lower expense. The eField system detects the presence of hydrocarbons by reading patterns associated with natural electric currents known scientifically as Telluric currents which are induced by solar flares and lightning and penetrate deep to the earth’s core. Charge effects occur at the interface of water and dissolved hydrocarbons – an effect called NFIP (Natural Field Induced Polarization) identifying oil and gas anomalies from surface to depths of 20,000 feet or more. The accumulation of thesecharges and their migration to the surface (seep columns) is mapped by the eField Airborne EMT System. The eField system is different than technologies that rely on spectral imaging, gravity or magnetic measurements. These and other indirect measurement systems like seismic geophysical technology, require time consuming interpretation leading to many anomalies or targets that do not contain oil. Mr. Ed Johnson, eField’s president, explained that the new development is a “direct detection” technology. “Every mineral has its own characteristics and gives special numerical readings,” he said. Mr. Johnson believes this technology has potential to significantly reduce costs and lead-time to new discoveries, stating “Our Airborne EMT System will provide significant benefit and a strategic advantage for any resource company.”

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