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New online tool helps track field worker training and competency

SAIT Polytechnic’s industry clients now have a convenient way to track employee training and task competencies using SOLIS Trak, a new online field worker management tool.

SAIT has teamed with leading technology provider Beyond Compliance Inc. to develop this web-based solution that enhances the functionality of SOLIS – the popular SAIT Open Learning Instructional System for training oil and gas process operators.

The software allows administrators to define, track, and manage the skills and critical tasks required at a job site. It also offers them easy access to employee job profiles, progressive training requirements, performance assessment and site-specific procedure development tools.

By linking technical training and task competencies, SOLIS Trak helps companies effectively manage obligations imposed by new regulations such as Section 217.1 of the Criminal Code (formerly Bill C-45). “Section 217.1 places responsibility on employers to provide sufficient due diligence to ensure that workers follow site specific safety standards,” notes Duke Anderson, SAIT Associate Vice President Energy. “At the end of the day, employers have a legislated requirement to demonstrate safe and consistent control of the work environment. SOLIS Trak helps meet that requirement by providing key information such as a record of employee training completion and an audit trail that addresses regulatory standards.” “Industry need drove the development of SOLIS Trak,” says product manager Wendy Yurka of SAIT’s MacPhail School of Energy. “Field operations training is complex and diverse, with every job site being different. Industry told us that using manual systems to keep on top of individual worker training was cumbersome and costly. They wanted an online tool to help them efficiently monitor employees’ learning progress, whether in the field, at remote office locations, or around the globe.”

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