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Fast Clad ER Epoxy Pipeline Coating provides improved edge retention and a faster cure time than conventional epoxies and allows pipeline coating repairs to be made quickly and easily, significantly minimizing downtime.

Fast Clad ER Epoxy is an ultra high-solids epoxy amine coating that presents significant advantages over other epoxy coatings in pipeline rehabilitation and repair, such as excellent cathodic disbond-ment resistance, outstanding adhesion properties, ultra high solids that comply with all VOC regulations and first-rate edge build which improves overall corrosion performance.

Ideal for petrochemical facilities such as oil refineries and chemical plants, this low-odour, equal parts mix ratio reduces waste, improves mixing accuracy and provides superior anti-corrosive protection essential for pipeline coating success. Designed for plural-component application equipment, Fast Clad ER Epoxy is recommended for use over prepared steel surfaces, suitable in any petrochemical facility.

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