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Moore Industries’ SPA2 Programmable Current/ Voltage andRTD/Thermocouple Limit Alarm Trips have received FM Approval, allowing them to be used in hazardous locations. The SPA2 alarm trips provide on/off control, warn of trouble, and provide for emergency shutdown by sending up to four relay outputs when a monitored process signal falls outside a user-selectable high or low limit. Available SPA2 models accept input signals from transmitters, temperature sensors, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources. They provide two or four independent and individually-configurable alarm relay outputs. Using on-board controls or the company’s free PC Configuration Software, each individual alarm trip relay may be programmed as a high or low limit process alarm, rate-of-change alarm, input fault alarm or self-diagnostic alarm.

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16650 Schoenborn Street
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