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Finishing options for drilling components

Birchwood Technologies now provides two finishing options for oil and gas drilling components – MICROLOK AO and TRU TEMP. Both finishes provide robust corrosion protection using a safe, low temperature, environmentally friendly process.

Corrosion protection without hydrogen embrittlement

High strength bolts and critical fasteners take on a protective and attractive black oxide finish when treated with TRU TEMP low temperature, non-polluting black oxide from Birchwood Casey Metal Finishes.


Oil, gas drilling, petro chemical and processing industries requiring high value, corrosion prone components will benefit from Intercept’s new SPS wrap, which creates a protective, corrosion-free zone around metal parts wrapped inside. Intercept SPS wrap has the unique ability to neutralize and remove corrosive elements in the air around the part wrapped inside without the use of chemicals, thereby protecting the parts from corrosion for long periods. Downhole valves, pumps, couplings and associated equipment are protected during ocean shipment and storage at the drill site. This allows the manufacturer the latitude to safely ship and store high value components while ensuring that their parts will be corrosion-free when they are unwrapped for use. Unlike conventional packaging, Intercept SPS provides active corrosion protection. The material consists of a polyethylene fi lm infused with metallic copper particles and activated carbon. Though completely non-hazardous, these materials neutralize and absorb corrosive elements inside the wrap through sacrifi cial galvanic action and absorption. Additionally, they are natural biocides that quickly kill any acid-producing bacteria, mold or fungus that may be present inside the wrap or in fi ngerprints. By creating a benign, protective zone inside the wrap, the part inside is fully protected.