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ACME Portable Machines, Inc.

Address 1330 Mountain View Circle, Azusa, CA, 91702, US
Phone (626) 610.1888
Fax (626) 610.1881
Email [email protected]
Website acmeportable.com
Founded in 1994, ACME Portable Machines, Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with exclusive distributors in the U. S., Europe, and Asia . Our team of skillful engineers and technicians is committed to quality in all of our products. We are dedicated to manufacturing the most integrated portable computers in the marketplace. All ACME portables are designed and manufactured right down to detailed specifications. We keep current on the latest technological advancements to meet the ever-changing needs of today's and tomorrow's markets. ACME portables have proven to be effective in withstanding the most challenging environments and outperforming comparable portable computers in critical applications such as data acquisition, LAN/WAN management, and telecommunications signal analysis, to name but a few. The rugged and portable construction is an excellent match for manufacturing applications, as well as in medical diagnostics and aerospace applications. Through our knowledge and experience ACME has become the leader in portable computing. Combining innovative power, portability and durability, the ACME lunchbox portable is truly the "Power To Go".

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ACME Portable Machines, Inc. announced its latest, thinnest and lightest lunchbox portable computer, the SPS-152. About the size of a fat attaché case, the SPS-152 is a powerful computer with an Intel T2500 two gigahertz Core Duo processor backed by two gigabytes of memory (expandable to four gigabytes) with internal space for one mini and two full-size PCI application-specific boards. The machine is ideal for field applications and factory floor environments where the power and flexibility of a desktop is required but a portable is more convenient. Ruggedness is assured by its flame-resistant ABS case and aluminum alloy chassis.