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Address Estrada do Biguá 43, Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR
Phone +55 21 2493-0588
Fax +55 21 2493-3056
Email [email protected]
Website www.hawk.com.au

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Third generation sonar technology

Hawk Measurement offers the new ORCA Sonar Series Interface level transmitter, a “third generation” sonar application. There are two defining factors between all the existing “first generation” sonar technology and Hawk’s “third generation” ORCA Sonar Series. The first difference involves the number of sonar transducer frequencies employed by each generation of technology, and the second difference deals with the algorithms that control sonar interfaces the scum-cleaning capabilities. All existing sonar transmitter technologies utilize only one sonar transducer frequency, and are thus severely limited as to where they can be successfully employed. The ORCA Sonar Series’ third generation sonar range offers seven different sonar transducer frequencies, so the appropriate frequency can be selected according to the density of the interface that is being controlled and monitored.