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Water filters depart from conventional designs

Having an effective, durable pretreatment system in advance of ion exchange softening systems is the most critical line of defense for produced-water treatment operations. Eco-Tec’s Spectrum Micro Media Filters deliver a highly efficient solution, removing oil and suspended solids to much lower levels compared to conventional nutshell filters – ensuring smooth, more trouble-free performance downstream.

Eco-Tec and PureTech align to solve coal bed methane produced water issues

Eco-Tec and PureTech have aligned to serve the needs of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) producers through a superior water treatment system combined with over 18 years of industrial mining experience. CBM is one of the latest industries that will provide a vast resource for natural gas. One issue surrounding CBM is the environmental impact of the water produced through CBM well processes. The produced water currently contains high levels of sodium that can be potentially dangerous to the well’s surrounding environment.