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L.J. Star

Address P.O. Box 1116, Twinsburg, OH, 44087, US
Phone (330) 405-3040
Fax (330) 405-3070
Email [email protected]
Website ljstar.com

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L.J. Star offers the Lumiglas line of lights (luminaires), explosion-proof lights and light and sight glass combinations. They also offer unique sight glass fittings and sight glass discs. Sight glasses provide visual inspection of industrial and pharmaceutical processes, and are often used in conjunction with lights that illuminate tank and pipe interiors. Pressurized tanks, pipelines, mixers and other sanitary vessels can be brightly illuminated by Lumiglas sanitary luminaires. The units mount directly onto any tri-clamp fitting, providing up to 100 watts of intense light. Their unique design incorporates Metaglas windows and the compact MetaClamp sanitary mounting system. These products maintain visibility in dif-ficult applications. A combined light/sight port luminaire provides glare-free internal illumination while a wiper clears product buildup from the inside of the sight glass. It is particularly useful in applications where the process fluid, spray, mist or turbulence would obscure the view throughconventional sight glasses or ports. In addition, obround and rectangular sight glasses may be welded into a vessel or a pipeline to provide either flow or level indication.