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Philippi-Hagenbuch’s Lowboy Trailer and Vehicle Recovery

Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) is officially launching its revolutionary HiVol Lowboy Trailer and Vehicle Recovery Tool (VRT) system for transporting equipment. The two pieces of equipment are designed to work independently or together as one integrated system to haul the largest, heaviest off-highway mining equipment quickly, easily and safely. The system is also designed for fast return on investment, typically paying for itself within a year.

Truck bodies engineered for rough oil sands conditions

Albert Einstein once said, “the important thing is not to stop questioning.” In the mining industry, a lack of inquisitiveness may lead to a blissful ignorance but it certainly won’t increase efficiencies.

Rear eject bodies

Featuring safety, stability and increased productivity as hallmarks of its design, Philippi-Hagenbuch’s patented line of Rear Eject Bodies offer the ideal solution for challenging hauling applications from general construction, road construction and sand/gravel to mine reclamation and underground hauling situations where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dump bodies.

Rear-loading lowboy trailer

PHIL’s rear-loading 300 to 1,500+ ton rear-loading heavy-hauler lowboy trailer incorporates safety and efficiency-centric design to make loading, transporting and the unloading of large loads safe. Features include: load/unload in 15 to 25 minutes; hydraulic ramps are standard for easy loading and unloading; rear loading feature doesn’t require trailer to be disconnected from tractor; minimal maintenance required; one individual can operate, load and transport the lowboy and equipment; utilizes standard OEM off-highway truck axles; large capacity, safe and simple.


Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. produces haulage equipment for all makes and models of off-highway trucks. Over the years, they have introduced a number of products to the industry, including the first body specifically designed to reduce loafing out of end-dump off-highway haul trucks. Additional products include Rear-Eject Bodies and Trailers, Water Tanks, Specialty Truck Bodies, Load Ejectors, Bottom Dump Trailers, Container Handling Systems and other truck enhancements. Because their products are designed to meet your specific needs, they are able to offer customers a customized solution. Philippi-Hagenbuch is committed to quality products, and is happy to assist the oil sands industry in their haulage and dust-suppression needs.