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Alpha Wire Company

Address 711 Lidgerwood Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ, 07207-0711, US
Phone 1-800-52 ALPHA
Fax 1-908-925-5411
Email [email protected]
Website alphawire.com

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Alpha Wire Company has announced the launch of its significantly enhanced XTRA•GUARD 4 product line following research by the company with its existing key end use customers. The results of the survey highlighted the need for a cable capable of remaining flexible even at temperatures as low as -50 degrees C. A unique jacket construction has just received UL approval and is pushing the boundaries for reliable cable performance in extreme cold environments. XTRA•GUARD 4 has always been well regarded for its performance in both high and low temperature environments that demanded strong resistance to oils, chemicals, solvents or fuels, as well as environments requiring low halogenated cables. However, the physical attributes of the cable also meant that it was quite stiff and infl exible. This latest revision, with its unique jacket material, answers the fl exibility issue without any compromise on other attributes of the cable. This improved fl exibility also means that the cable is easier to handle and route, making installation more effi cient in terms of time and cost.