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DUOLINE D-350, For HIGH Temperature Applications

DUOLINE Technologies, a global leader in fiberglass internal lining systems for protecting oilfield tubulars, introduced the D-350 product line in 2012. D- 350 provides reliable corrosion protection of steel tubulars with temperature resistance up to 350°F/177°C. D-350 is installable with most API & Premium connections, ranging from sizes of 2-3/8” thru 13-3/8”.

Specifying the Smoothest Internal Lining Available for Protection Of Oilfield Tubulars

Reducing cost has become an imperative for oil and gas companies. Completion engineers can reduce cost through the prevention of corrosion. Prevention of tubular corrosion in harsh, corrosive environments, such as those with H2S, CO2, dissolved oxygen, brinish disposal water, highly acidic soil conditions and many others, can be easily accomplished through the specification of a fiberglass-reinforced liner.

Corrosion control planning critical for extended injection well life

As early as 1875, oil operators concluded that water injection could be used as an effective method for driving oil from within a formation. Other means of recovery have since then been developed. After years of trial and error, however, it has become apparent that water – either from natural geothermal or surface sources – is the most economical means of secondary recovery.


RICEWRAP is a protective wrap of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) material externally applied and bonded to steel pipe. It is recommended for external corrosion protection on downhole tubing, which typically is used between injection mandrels and/or packers in multiple-zones. The nominal thickness of the externally applied GRE is of 0.100 inches with a working envelope between -20 degrees F to 250 degrees F. GRE materials and manufacturing process used in producing RICEWRAP are identical to those used to manufacturer DUO-LINE 20. Externally coated GRE Tubing (RICEWRAP) can be internally lined with any DUOLINE lining system to offer both internal and external corrosion protection.

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