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Newly developed LWD service withstands ultra-high temperatures

Weatherford International plc has announced the development of the HeatWave Extreme service for commercial use by Chevron Thailand. The HeatWave Extreme service includes an enhanced logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool string capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 410˚F (210˚C). The high temperature rating enables drillers to log to total depth (TD) in conditions that exceed the current barriers of 347˚F (175˚C) and avoids the need to pull out of the hole, drill blindly or land the well above the planned TD.

Fracturing guidance provides efficiency, improved completions

Fluctuating oil prices such as the industry has seen in recent months often mean that new wells must produce quickly and perform well over time to ensure good return. Fracturing operations need to be performed efficiently and effectively to be certain the well can produce at its best.

Weatherford Implements Ikon Science Rokdoc RT Software for Its Global Real-Time Pore Pressure Monitoring While Drilling Service

Weatherford International plc. has licensed the Ikon Science RokDoc RT software system to support its global rig-based real-time Pore Pressure Specialists team. The RokDoc RT system provides critical modelling tools that allow the Pore Pressure Specialists to recalibrate the well plan to the actual formation characteristics and boundaries that have been encountered during Pore Pressure while Drilling (PPwD).

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Weatherford International Ltd. launched its new MetalSkin Solid Expandable Systems for open and cased hole applications.As a result of intensive market research to determine the industry’s needs, Weatherford has developed four distinct MetalSkin systems: 1) open-hole liner; 2) monobore open-hole liner; 3) cased-hole liner; and 4) monobore open-hole clad. Most of these systems can be used for multiple applications, to address both pre-planned and remedial well construction challenges. “Solid tubular expansion is considered to be one of the most important enabling technologies for the future of the oil and gas industry,” stated Pat York, Director of Commercialization and Marketing for Weatherford’s Solid Expandables business unit. “We could have come into the market pretty quickly after acquiring the rights for a cone-based expandable system; but the industry had some concerns, and first we wanted to make some refinements to address those concerns – whether real or perceived.” Significant downhole testing has been completed to date. On February 14, 2007, approximately 1,000 feet of the 11 3/4-inch by 13 3/8-inch MetalSkin monobore open-hole liner was successfully installed in a test well. This installation proves that Weatherford’s monobore technology has become a reality, allowing for new ways to solve drilling challenges without losing hole size. “Our ultimate goal is to move solid ex-pandables from being a risky contingency into the mainstream, where operators actually plan a system into their well,” commented York.