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Medium-voltage surge suppressors

Raycap Inc. has developed medium voltage surge protection devices (SPDs) that provide continuous protection from overvoltage and other transient voltage activity. Designated Strikesorb 40-3000, Strikesorb 40-4000, and Strikesorb 40-5000, the medium voltage SPD modules meet the IEEE C62.11-2005 Standard. Designed to protect equipment from lightning strikes, power surges and spikes without performance deterioration, the medium voltage Strikesorb SPD modules are comprised of a single distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc (40mm in diameter) in an environmentally-sealed aluminum housing. Unlike conventional medium voltage SPD designs, Strikesorb medium voltage products can be integrated into equipment without putting it into its own enclosure because they do not fail in a catastrophic manner.


Raycap Inc. has developed a single-MOV module with a high surge handling capability that absorbs and dissipates the excess energy of lightning strikes and power surges in a completely safe manner, making it ideal for installation in oil, gas and petrochemical equipment applications. Designated Strikesorb, the TVSS module exceeds the stringent requirements of the recently revised UL-1449 (2nd edition) standard, without the use of internal fuses.