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Panasonic’s Rugged Toughbook 31 Now Offers Up to 18 Hours Battery Life – 27 Hours with Optional Second Battery

Panasonic, an industry leader in reliable and innovative mobile computers since 1996, has announced updates to the Toughbook 31, its bestselling fully rugged laptop. The updated Toughbook 31 offers up to 18 hours of standard battery life – 27 hours with an optional second battery – as well as improved connectivity and significant performance boosts over the previous model. With its fully sealed design that delivers durability to meet MIL-STD-810G and IP65 specifications, including a six-foot drop rating, the Toughbook 31 solidifies its position as the gold standard for emergency service professionals, utility workers and others who need to stay connected and productive even in the most extreme environments.

Rugged and reliable portable tablets

Panasonic Canada Inc. recently announced the Canadian availability of three enterprise-grade Toughpad tablets, including the FZ-G1, a ten-inch model using the Windows 8 Pro operating system (or Windows 7 Pro through downgrade rights), and two Android-based tablets; the seven-inch JT-B1 and the ten-inch FZ-A1. The tablets are designed for those who need mobile access to mission-critical data when working in adverse conditions.

Lightweight and rugged notebook

Powered by an Intel Core i5-2520M vPro processor, the Toughbook S10 delivers up to 12.5 hours of standard battery life and weighs only 3.0 pounds. This notebook offers optional Gobi2000 mobile broadband and other enhancements to increase performance and drive return on investment. Panasonic has designed the Toughbook S10 for the most demanding mobile users, offering exceptional battery life, connectivity, security features and performance. In order to withstand a highly mobile work environment, the Toughbook S10 is designed to survive drops, bumps and spills.

Upgrades for fully-rugged laptops

Panasonic Solutions Company has announced a series of upgrades to its Toughbook 31 fully-rugged laptop. The updated device features new Intel Core i5 and i3 processors, increased RAM and hard drive capacity as well as speed, up to 20 hours of battery life, a brighter sunlight-viewable screen and more. With these improvements, the MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified Toughbook 31 continues to be the ideal solution for mobile professionals in mission-critical environments, including first responders, military personnel, and field workers in industries such as telecommunications, utilities and energy.


UL 1604 certified Panasonic Toughbook notebook computers deliver a safe and reliable mobile computing solution for spark-free use in potentially explosive environments, such as those experienced in oil and gas. Combined with software solutions from Panasonic partners, Tough-book notebook users can take advantage of mobile computing solutions to achieve reliable access to mission-critical information as a means to improve data accuracy, reduce man-hours and increase overall productivity. “As increasingly more companies explore the advantages associated with workflow automation and improved data security, we expect to see an increase in adoption rates. The oil, gas and petrochem industries represent the strongest opportunities for growth,” explains David Krebs, director of Venture Development Corporation’s mobile and wireless practice.


Two new rugged Panasonic Toughbook computers are now available: the CF-19 convertible tablet PC, and the flagship CF-30 clamshell notebook. These new Toughbooks come equipped with Intel Core Duo processors, additional security features, and optional embedded access to next-generation wireless data networks from all major cellular wireless carriers. In addition, these MIL-SPEC-certifi ed notebooks incorporate daylight-readable screens and the rugged features, such as magnesium alloy cases, sealed keyboards and ports, fl exible internal connectors and shock-mounting.


Panasonic Computer Solutions Company and Cingular Wireless introduced the Panasonic Toughbook CF-29, the first Toughbook with Cingular’s 3G BroadbandConnect service built-in. Using the Toughbook CF-29, mobile professionals in the oil and gas industry can wirelessly access critical information at broadband speeds when in UMTS/ HSDPA-based BroadbandConnect coverage areas. The Toughbook 29 provides seamless, high-speed EDGE network coverage outside of those areas.

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