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Waterra Pumps Limited

Address 5200 Dixie Road, Unit 44, Mississauga, On, L4W 1E4
Email [email protected]
Website waterra.com

John Newall, President

Waterra has been providing customers with Simple Solutions for Groundwater Monitoring since 1985. Our product line has grown considerably to include actuators, pumps, filters, water level and hydrocarbon detection equipment, bailers and other accessories. Currently, we have some exciting new products in development which will make your life easier in the field.

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The Waterra PowerPack PP1 provides the mechanical actuation for pumping with inertial pumps to depths of over 60m, in a fully portable, single operator power unit. At 13 kg, the Pow-erPack PP1 provides outstanding pumping performance. Powerful enough to lift water from over 60m depth using the Standard Flow System, the PP1 is so compact that it fits onto a backpack frame. The PowerPack PP1 incorporates clamps for Waterra High Flow and standard tubing sizes (adaptors are available for smaller tubes).