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CECO Environmental

Address 3120 Forrer St., Cincinnati, OH, 45209, US
Email [email protected]
Website cecoenviro.com/default.aspx

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CECO Environmental engineers large-volume dust collection systems for high performance and low maintenance in industry’s most demanding applications. Systems can be engineered to any pressure, and feature proven heavy-duty, high-stiffness construction to prevent housing failures and deliver long operating life. Automated pulse jet self-cleaning of filters maintains system pressure. Compressed air in 90 to 100 psi pulses performs efficient, thorough pulse-jet cleaning of bag filters with no internal moving parts. Collectors are custom-engineered by CECO for highest efficiencies, process material characteristics, and specific site requirements, with a wide selection of material handling as system options. Systems are ruggedly constructed for proven reliability in demanding industries, such as foundries, metal and mineral processors, gypsum and cement plants, coal handlers and grain processors, and other crushing, grinding, cutting, sizing and transporting applications. Maintenance-friendly design includes walk-in plenums enabling easy installation and removal of snap-in filter bags.


CECO Filters cut operating costs and maintenance for mist elimination with long-life, centralized CECO mist collector (CMC) systems. Providing up to 10 years of filter life with 99.5 percent and higher efficiencies at capturing mist emissions, the CMC “boxed solution” collectors allow effluent from multiple operations, even plant-wide, to be treated at one location. In turn, captured liquids and particulates can be efficiently and economically collected for disposal or reprocessing. Horizontal design with side-door access to filters eliminates the need for overhead clearance, simplifying indoor installation where desired and enabling the system to be located on a mezzanine to free up floor space. CECO’s fibre-bed filter technology has been proven for over 50 years in chemical processing applications for removal of acid and other chemical mist. Standard units are available in 18 sizes providing 2,400 to 36,000 ACFM capacity. Systems can be engineered for specific applications with special configurations ormaterial requirements.