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Address 12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT, 06472-1653, US
Phone 1.800.289.3473
Fax 203.484.7118
Website notifier.com

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Internet sends fire alarm signals faster

NOTIFIER’s IP Communicator utilizes the power of the internet to transmit fire alarm signals faster, more securely and more economically than traditional Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitters (DACTs), thus improving emergency response times at a much lower cost. With the IP Communicator, building owners are no longer required to incur the cost of providing two dedicated phone lines for fire alarm system monitoring. Instead, alarm transmission is performed through any customer provided IP network connection (LAN, WAN, ADSL, or Cable), using dynamic (DHCP) or Public and Private IP addressing. NOTIFIER’s IP Communicator also supports dual destination IP receiver addresses for high redundancy configurations, meaning all signals will be sent to a secondary receiver IP address should the primary become unavailable. The connection between the IP Communicator and central station is tested every 90 seconds, and the central station can detect any offline alarm panels within seconds.