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Beamex introduces new calibration pumps

Beamex has expanded its pump range with two new pumps: PGL and PGPH. The PGL pump is a low-pressure calibration pump with excellent possibilities for very fine adjustments. The pump is ideal in industries where accurate, low-pressure generation is needed, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The PGHP pump is a pneumatic, high-pressure generator with air as the pressure medium. This pump is a practical, high-quality solution in calibrations where using liquids is forbidden, such as the gas industry.

New Beamex MCS200 calibration workstation

Beamex introduces a new Modular Calibration System, MCS200. It is a modular test and calibration system for workshops and laboratories. MCS200 offers efficient and ergonomic possibilities for the maintenance of process instruments. The system can be tailor-made to fit your requirements. Beamex will assist you in planning, specifying and installing the ideal workshop solution for your facility.


Computer-aided calibration management is becoming more and more common for managing calibration information and calibration assets in the processing industry. The new products in the Beamex CMX family include CMX Light, CMX Professional and CMX Enterprise. CMX Light is easy-to-use calibration software for a single workstation. CMX Professional is suitable for large and mid-sized companies, which require an advanced and efficient calibration system that meets demanding and specific requirements. CMX Enterprise is an all-in-one calibration solution for large companies.

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