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Meridian’s Pig Valve is a “Best in Class Product” exclusive to Meridian for North America distribution, and is in Meridian’s top three products for profitability. The valve was designed by Chris Fisher, technical support manager, in Meridian’s head office The Meridian Pig Valve has been field tested for both oil and gas applications, and priced competitively. This versatile valve can use both cup and disk pigs for cleaning, batching and gauging. It features a 360 degree seat sealant injection system for reliability and ease of actuation; bolt end flanges which allow quick and cost effective seat servicing; the ability to change functions between a receiving and sending; side or vertical loading options allowing flexible installation. The most impressive changes in the Pig Valve are the added safety features: three independent safety seals (two elastomers, one metal-to-metal) and a safety vent cap that releases residual pressure after one full turn.


Meridian now offers a new industry-leading, economical line of cast steel valves as exclusive Canadian distributor for Neway, a world class manufacturer of gate, globe and check valves.