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APV supplies the oil and gas industry with several heat exchanger technologies, such as the traditional APV ParaFlow (gasketed plate heat exchanger), APV ParaWeld (semi-welded plate heat exchanger) and the APV Hybrid (fully welded heat exchanger). They are used in a broad variety of applications such as crude-heaters/coolers, crude-interchangers, utility water, Lean/Rich application with the patented ParaMine gasket, central coolers, closed loop coolers and many more. With the We make sure the job is done right thenew, 13 foot tall APV Sirius plate heat exchanger, APV offers a heat exchanger with the largest practically installed heattransfer area and the highest cooling capacity on the market enabling very high flow rates in excess of 21,000 gallons per minute with minimum pressure loss. The plates provide a heat transfer area from 20.5 to 40.9 square feet, also the largest on the market, enabling more cooling power in fewer units and cutting the footprint to a minimum.