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ARKTOS Developments Ltd.

Address 82 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 3G1, CA
Phone (604) 599-4989
Fax 604-599-4941
Email [email protected]
Website arktoscraft.com

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ARKTOS Craft are proven to have the h i g h e s t level of all-round amphibious mobility in the world – particularly while crossing the transition between ice and water. Due to their unique design ARKTOS Craft have an unsurpassed ability to maneuver through ice-rubble fields, sig-nificant side slopes, steep grades, muskeg, quicksand and any other water transition zones.


ARKTOS Developments Ltd. (ADL) manufactures the patented amphibious ARKTOS Craft. Because of their unique design, the ARKTOS Craft have an unsurpassed ability to manoeuvre safely in conditions such as ice-rubble fields, broken ice/water mixture, vertical ledges, significant side slopes, steep grades, muskeg, quicksand, oil sands tailing ponds and any other water transition zones while carrying heavy loads. To date, ADL’s main product has been the USCG Approved 52 Person ARKTOS Evacuation Craft currently operating in Alaska and the Caspian Sea to enable oil companies to drill safely year round. Over the last three years ADL has performed sampling work in the Alberta oil sands with its own Craft that has proven its capability to operate in the bitumen infested tailing ponds. From this work ADL has developed a series of ARKTOS Craft that can be modified for other amphibious applications such as pipe-laying, towing, cargo handling, ice road building, fire-fighting, disaster response and more.