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Address Johannesburg, ZA
Phone +27 11 918 0829
Email [email protected]
Website maptek.com

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Maptek offers a total mine solution with products for mine planning, laser imaging, and production reporting/performance monitoring. After more than 25 years in the mining industry, Maptek continues to provide quality service coupled with unparalleled products. Maptek offers: VULCAN – 3D geological modeling, surveying and mine planning software; The I-SiTE 3D Laser Imaging System, which includes the I-SiTE scanner – lightweight, robust and versatile (even scans underground), with an efficient easy-to-use interface; MineSuite, an integrated production and performance reporting system that allows tracking, monitoring, control, and reporting of products, equipment, processes, and personnel. Maptek is the little big company, offering personalized attention and a full range of client services. Over 200 professionals in 12 offices around the world are focused on ensuring their client’s success.