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Total Combustion Inc.

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Total Combustion Inc. (TCI) is a private Canadian oil and gas service company that has been in business since 1998. TCI builds unique patented incineration equipment to combust waste gas and is currently used by more than 300 companies in western Canada. Success in local markets has resulted in expansion to overseas markets where demand for service and support is growing for products that provide improved combustion. All TCI products are routinely tested to ensure they meet industry standards and are engineered to provide a fit for purpose solution for each application. The equipment provides 99.9 percent combustion efficiencies resulting in no smoke, odour or visible flame during operations. Companies typically use this equipment when operating near residents or during tight-hole drilling. Waste gas may come from one of the following sources: well bores, separators, treaters, high/low pressure tanks, dehydrators, pigging, pipeline blow-downs, completions and well testing. TCI has a large rental fleet available for well testing and can build permanent install units including platforms when required in as little as four weeks lead time.