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Gilsulate International, Inc.

Address P.O. Box 802650, Santa Clarita, CA, 91380-2650, US
Website gilsulate.com/Gilsulate_International,_Inc./Home.html

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Gilsulate 500XR is designed and manufactured for any type and size of pipe to meet the harsh environmental conditions required of underground insulation and corrosion protection systems. This unique patented insulation and protection system is the most thermally efficient granular product available. It prevents ground water intrusion and has a high electrical resistiv-ity providing a physically and chemically stable environment in which underground piping systems can perform as designed at operating temperatures between 35 degrees F and 800 degrees F. For most applications, Gilsulate 500XR will provide significant savings. This is particularly true in multiple-pipe systems as all pipes are protected and insulated in the same envelope.