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AW-Lake introduces analog output sensor for flow meter with bluetooth connectivity

AW-LAKE COMPANY introduces the FAC-S Analog Output Sensor that hardwires with any flow meter to provide voltage, current or Bluetooth connectivity of readings.  Ideal for use on any AW-Lake Gear or Turbine Flow Meter, the FAC-S produces a scalable voltage or current output for download to a PLC or other control system.  The sensor also supports a Bluetooth interface for remote programming and flow monitoring from a smart phone.  The microprocessor-based FAC-S Sensor supports process monitoring, data acquisition and signal conditioning in various industries.

Frequency to Analog converter features Bluetooth connectivity

AW-LAKE COMPANY introduces the FAC-R Frequency to Analog Converter that changes incoming sensor frequency to both current and voltage analog output. FAC-R interfaces with a variety of frequency-out sensors and instrumentation, including flow meters, tachometers, pumps, motors, and linear/rotational encoders. An economical alternative to a PLC card, the Frequency to Analog Signal Converter is ideal for use in process monitoring, data acquisition and virtually any application when sending an analog signal to a PLC or other control system.

Turbine flow meter an easy drop-in replacement for many existing units

AW-LAKE COMPANY has introduced the TW Series Turbine Flow Meter for the most rigorous flow measurement applications. Ideal for use both on and off the oil field, the TW Series Turbine Flow Meter provides highly accurate (to ±1% of reading or better) and repeatable (0.1% repeatability) flow measurement of oils, water and some chemicals with a low cost of ownership.

Turbine flow meters

AW-Lake Company, a North American manufacturer and distributor of flow meter products, announces the TW Series line of turbine flow meters. These new meters are specifically designed to be drop-in replacements for the Haliburton/NuFlow, Blancett, Cameron and Kimray turbine meters. “This new TW Series flow meter was specifically designed for the oil and gas industry/produced water applications. It is a rugged meter with an improved internal assembly, resulting in improved accuracies, more stable output signal and reduced operating noise over competing meters,” said Chris Husson, director of engineering for AW-Lake Company. Being marketed under AW-Lake’s new SABRE turbine brand name as an improved drop-in replacement, this new TW Series is available as a fully assembled meter or as a kit containing the internals only. The replacement kit can be used to do field repair of TW meters as well as on Haliburton/NuFLow, Blancett, Cameron and Kimray turbine meters.

MicroFlow gear meter

MicroFlow, a new positive displacement spur gear flow meter, is specifically designed to maintain high accuracies at very low flow rates, even with low viscosity liquids. This is important to engineers designing systems requiring flow measurement of continuous flows at rates as low as 3 cc/min or lower, depending on liquid viscosity. “The new MicroFlow is an important addition to our gear meter product portfolio, as it provides a very low flow, high resolution solution to our customers with the same quality and electronics compatibility as our other meters, even for those needing a hazardous rating,” stated Chris Husson, director of Engineering for AW-Lake Company. With a resolution of 40 pulses/cc, it gives the ability to measure shot volumes as low as 5cc’s with accuracies of ±0.5 percent better. This is especially important in the oil and gas industry where many applications are low volume and low flow applications.


AW-Lake Company has released a new differential pressure flow meter, adding to Lake Monitor’s brand of flow measuring instruments. The introduction of this new flow meter to Lake Monitor’s offering of flow measurement instruments adds a simple alternative measurement technique which incorporates no moving parts.


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