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Versatile water treatment controller

The new W100W controller with three powerful control outputs is a more versatile, high value choice among entry level water treatment controllers, the manufacturer Walchem states. The large icon-based display and multiple language support allow simple setup no matter where your business takes you. The W100W features universal sensor input which provides extraordinary flexibility for almost any type of sensor needed and the third control relay allows the controller to be used in more places than the average low-end model. The cooling tower/boiler model has an optional analog (4-20 mA) output for recording, data logging or connection to energy management systems. The conductivity, pH/ORP and Disinfection W100W has three pH/ORP models available for use with amplified electrodes, non-amplified electrodes with a BNC connector or non-amplified electrodes without a connector. Both units feature complete flexibility in the function of each relay. Typical applications include condensate water treatment control, cooling tower biocide control, boiler water treatment control and others.

WebAlert ideal for wastewater treatment

WebAlert seamlessly web-enables installed equipment, providing local and remote access to vital system information, without the need to physically visit remote sites. WebAlert monitors and datalogs digital and analog inputs from virtually any installed device, and instantly notifies on-site and remote personnel of any alarm conditions. It’s the perfect solution for applications in wastewater treatment, environmental remediation, food and beverage, and remote chemical inventory management.


WIND is the newest addition to Walchem’s WebMaster family of controllers. It has a flexible multi-input/output platform, a wide range of analytical sensor measurement capabilities, and an extensive assortment of integrated communications and data handling features that make it the perfect solution for applications in wastewater, metal finishing, food & beverage, environmental, and drinking water.