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On-engine integrated speed control for natural gas-fueled engines

Altronic, LLC (HOERBIGER Engine Division) has released The Altronic ActuCOM R8, an on-engine, integrated speed control for operators of natural gas-fueled engines. While also suitable for service as an actuation device for a third-party engine governing control system or PLC, the ActuCOM R8 can be applied as a smart actuator for virtually any appropriate engine, compressor, or pump-related function currently managed by an alternative solution, including waste gates, restrictors, and louver controls.

Speed governor works with PLC+ panels or for stand-alone service

The GOV+ Electronic Speed Governor is a module in the PLC+ product line. It provides closed loop speed control of an engine by controlling an actuator. It can communicate to PLC’s in order to moni­tor and control processes via Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP. The speed input pulse can come from magnetic, Hall-effect, or other types of active pickups. A configurable 4-20mA or 0-10V analog output signal can be used to control an actuator position to con­trol the speed. The GOV+ incorporates the following startup logic: ready, purging, starting, warmup, and running. The GOV+ has three ad­justable warmup ramps with configurable ramp speed in rpm/sec with “hold” timers. The GOV+ is designed for use as a component of a PLC+ Control Panel, or as a stand-alone product. PLC+ pan­els use one or more such devices for engine control and monitor­ing. The Ethernet port allows the monitored values to be com­municated to a PC, PLC, or other communications device using either Modbus/TCP or EtherNet/IP protocol. These values can be displayed on an HMI display and compared to user adjustable setpoint levels for sequencing, and/or alarm and shutdown.

Much-Requested Features Bring Enhanced Functionality to DE-3000 Configurable Safety Shutdown and Control System.

The DE-3000 Safety Shutdown and Control system uses state-of-the-art microcontrollers and surface-mount PCB assembly technology to provide users of compressors and other critical rotating equipment with a sophisticated, yet reliable, means of protecting and controlling both the prime mover and the load machine (compressor, pump, etc.). Incorporating an “intelligent” add-on board system, the DE-3000 system is fully scalable, allowing users to incorporate a single control system technology across a wide range of applications.

Vibration sensing monitor

The Altronic Vibration Sensing Monitor (VSM), a 32-bit microprocessor-based electronic instrument, is designed to protect industrial engines, compressors and associated equipment from damage caused by excessive vibration. The monitor accepts up to four (VSM-400) or eight (VSM-800) industry-standard low-cost, broadband, piezoelectric vibration sensors that are used to transform mechanical vibrations into electrical signals which are then evaluated by the VSM. The resulting vibration levels are displayed on a LCD display and are compared to user-adjustable setpoint levels. If a high vibration level surpasses a user-configured setpoint value, an indication is shown on the LCD and an output switch – one for alarm and one for shutdown – is activated.