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Tyco Gas and Flame Detection

Address 4055 Technology Forest Blvd., The Woodlands, TX, 77381, US
Tel 713-559-9200
Website tycogfd.com
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iTrans 2 fixed gas detector offers up to 2 points of detection from a single device

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection is pleased to introduce the iTrans 2 fixed gas detector, featuring a unique intelligent electronics platform that provides up to two points of detection from a single device. This state-of-the-art gas detector is able to monitor a combination of gases using a combination of available sensor technologies to include electrochemical, catalytic bead and infrared. The iTrans 2 boasts a wide range of safety features including automatic sensor recognition, access code security, and zero and calibration fault protection. A single or dual-channel, split screen LED display provides optimal visibility in dark places with operator interface made simple using a magnetic wand.

PS200 now offers extended battery life

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection's GMI PS200 portable gas detector is now available with a new catalytic bead sensor option that provides an increased battery life of up to 80 hours in diffusion mode and 20 hours in pump mode. Both lightweight and durable, the instrument is ideal for protection in hotworks and confined space applications.

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