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Conduct reliable hydrostatic pressure tests with AMETEK STC XP2i

Within natural gas systems, one of the most important methods to verify the integrity of pipelines is through the hydrostatic pressure test. Designed to test the transmission systems - one of the largest sections in a natural gas system - the hydrostatic test varies on the level of requirements. Depending on local regulations, it may require testing pressure and multiple temperatures in the pipeline for several hours prior to and after a pipe is put into service.

New 15,000 psi pressure modules

Responding to the demands of customers in the oil & gas industry, Crystal Engineering is releasing new pressure modules for the nVision Reference Recorder with ranges of 15k psi, 100 MPa, 1000 bar and 1000 kg/cm². The one year accuracy specification is 0.1% of reading with digital temperature compensation from -20° to 50°C. As with all Crystal products, the new modules come with an ISO 17025, NIST-traceable calibration certificate with test data at 5 temperatures.

New reference data recorder offers a faster, easier method for intrinsically safe, differential measurements at high static pressure

Imagine this common scenario: a pressure transmitter is mounted to a pipe in a hard-to-reach location. On the previous night, a technician noticed its readings were suspect. The transmitter monitors the differential pressure across an orifice plate and its operation is critical. This pipe transports a flammable gas at 1,400 psi. If this technician were looking for a way to verify the transmitter’s readings on site, their selection of instruments for an accurate measurement would be inconvenient, heavy or fragile.  

Reference pressure recorder

nVision, a new type of field pressure calibrator, can be configured to measure and record 200,000 pressure, temperature, current and voltage measurements. It can display the recorded data graphically, or graph the measurements as they are being recorded on its high resolution screen.

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