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Abanaki Corporation

Address 17387 Munn Road, Chagrin Falls, OH, 44023, US
Phone (800) 358-SKIM
Fax (440) 543-7404
Email [email protected]
Website abanaki.com

  Since 1968, Abanaki® has been serving our clients around the world with skimmers for all applications; from local job shops to giants like Toyota and Boeing, from 1 gph to 200 gph, from food processors to remediation to metal mills and beyond. Have oil on water? We have your skimmer!

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Abanaki announces new TubeTastic! HC oil skimmer

Abanaki Corporation, a leader in oil skimming solutions, announces the TubeTastic! HC. The HC works in places where other skimmers can't go, particularly on coolant sumps with little or no overhead access.

Groundwater remediation system

Abanaki Corporation offers a DNAPL Groundwater Remediation System designed to remove high viscosity oils such as creosote from groundwater. These systems are used to remove oil contamination from existing monitoring wells.

Groundwater remediation system

Abanaki Corporation is pleased to offer a Light Fuel Oil Groundwater Remediation System. The system is designed to remove light hydrocarbons, such as gasoline and diesel fuel, from groundwater using existing monitoring and remediation wells. It offers a cost-effective method for removing light fuel oils from groundwater compared to traditional pump-and-treat, groundwater remediation systems.