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HAWE Hydraulics

Address 9009-K Perimeter Woods Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28216, US
Phone ++1 (704) 509-1599
Fax ++1 (704) 509-6302
Email [email protected]
Website hawe.de/home.php

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HKLW high-pressure compact power unit, for torque wrenches

HKLW, manufactured by HAWE, is a high-pressure compact power unit designed primarily for torque wrench applications. T h e H K LW comes with a single circuit pump or two pressure outlets (dual-circuit pump). Complete hydraulic control systems can be created by directly mounting various combinations of connection blocks and valve banks onto the hydraulic power unit. This compact power unit utilizes a finned housing with an internal fan. This internal fan eliminates the need for an external cooler that is used in many other units. These compact hydraulic power packs are designed for continuous operation with idle sequences as well as intermittent service. They are designed for use in machine tools (lathes and milling machines), jigs or general machine applications, as well as torque wrench applications.

Modular design incoroporated within valve assembly

HAWE Hydraulics offers a comprehensive line of rugged hydraulic components for mobile applications.These individual components can be assembled into fully-integrated systems, providing customers with the flexibility to specify the most competitive, lightweight, and cost-effective solution possible. The company’s modular product offering contains several components that provide precision controls, whether implemented as stand alone or together as a complete system. These products include variable displacement axial piston pumps (V60N), proportional directional spool valves (PSL), over-centre valves (LHT), and programmable logical valve controls (PLVC). All hydraulic components are manufactured from steel and designed to handle pressures to 6,000 psi, thus allowing system components to be compact and flexible in a variety of applications. With this modular design, HAWE Hydraulics can incorporate many system controls within the valve assembly and control logic. By incorporating these additional system components into the control system, the company provides an integrated system. These systems also eliminate the need for additional plumbing – saving time, labour, and additional components.